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What are “Gospel Stories”?

Gospel Stories are testimonies about God’s transformative work in and through us. Stories about Christ’s faithfulness. His love. His mercy. His providence. His goodness to His people.

Though we strive at MapleRidge to build strong relationships throughout our church, it is difficult to get to know everyone. What a blessing, then, to provide a place for us to share how our great God is working in our midst.

Our stories are God’s stories, and they are worth repeating.

Have a story?

We want to celebrate our great God with you!

Pray about it, write out your story, and send it to us. We ask that you remain Christ-centered and honest. We also recommend 500-1000 words.

Send us your story and a photo to

  • Terry Daly's Gospel Story photoTerry Daly's Gospel Story
    My wife, Linda, and I are in our mid-70’s, married for 50+ years, came to Christ as adults and have lived in many cities in the East and Midwest US.  In our youth we attended Congregational (United Church of Christ) and Lutheran churches.  Our introduction to Christ, and the salvation message, came via a Reformed Church of America pastor, serving a church that was not evangelical. We’ve worshipped in churches from ultra conservative, with no evangelical message, to non-denominational bibl[...]

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  • Matt Ward's Gospel Story
    I grew up in the Catholic church, and while I thought I was, "Christian," I really wasn't.  I thought you went to church and when you died you automatically went to heaven.  I had heard the term, "born again," but I thought being, "born again" was some weird cult, so I didn't consider its meaning beyond that.  As I grew up, I pretty much quit going to church altogether.  At 21, I started a home-building company and found that I was gifted at starting companies, leading people, and being a go[...]

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  • Ashley McDonald's Gospel Story
    I can almost count the Sundays in my life where I wasn't at church. My parents made it a priority in our home, and because of their example of faith along with the influence of our church and the school I attended, I can't remember a time when I didn't know about Jesus I was baptized when I was 7, but I had accepted Jesus into my heart a few times before that... and would a few more times after. My story isn't one of instant transformation, as few are, but of God placing specific people and expe[...]

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  • Mike Nelson's Gospel Story photoMike Nelson's Gospel Story
    I first accepted Christ when I was 13 years old and was baptized at 15. I had accepted Christ but my life headed downward. After high school and vocational school, I got in the wrong crowd. I ended up starting to drink and have parties. I wanted to fill a void in my life. I just wanted to be part of the crowd. At one point, I was so drunk I passed out in the bathroom and woke up in my own vomit. My wife, before we were married, said, “You better cut it out! If you don’t, I’ll leave you.”[...]

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