MapleRidge Church is blessed with a rich music ministry under the direction of Minister of Worship Kristel Peters.

Worship teams for our 9:00 and 10:45 am Sunday services

The 9:00 am service worship music is a blended variety of music and includes a worship team and full adult choir.  The 10:45 am service worship team presents worship music that is more acoustic/contemporary.

Adult Choir

Our choir, under the direction of Lloyd Larson, sings most Sundays from fall through early spring.  Additionally, they prepare special seasonal programs for Christmas, Holy Week, and at other times throughout the year.

Handbell Choir

Our handbell choir, directed by Marci Larson, practices and performs pieces throughout the year for worship services and special concerts.

Children’s Choir

A children’s choir comes together for special occasions in winter and spring under the direction of Marci Larson.

Technical Crew

Microphones, video, song slides, lighting . . . MapleRidge is always looking for technically-talented folks to help support our music and worship ministries.

Strummin’ & Singin’

Strummin’ & Singin’ is a jamming session — including guitarists and any other instrumentalists, as well as those who just want to come and sing along and enjoy the fellowship.  The range of music is vast, including — but not limited to — hymns, gospel, praise and stretching out to other genres.  Acoustic and electric instruments are welcome, as are folks from all skill levels.   Come praise the Lord with us on the second Tuesday of every month at MapleRidge Church.