Following a four-year term as the executive director of Pioneers Europe, Michael Wagner and his family have returned to the states to serve as a global in-house consultant for Pioneers. Pioneers’ 3500 members imitate church-planting movements among the unreached in more than 100 countries. They have 18 offices around the world through which they recruit, train, and support  missionaries who come from many different countries and serve on teams around the world.

Michael began a missionary-sending office in the Philippines, then rebuilt a missionary-sending office in Europe, and will now help launch and develop/help new missionary sending offices around the world. Pioneers has existing new missionary-sending offices in South America, Africa, and Asia. There is a proposal for two new offices in South and Southeast Asia in the near future. The goal of Michael’s work is to develop more and stronger pathways for missionaries from more countries to join our church-planting teams around the world, and ultimately in turn to introduce many more unreached peoples to Jesus and the Good News about Him! He works closely with the International director’s office of Pioneers and with the leadership teams of the new missionary-sending offices. What began part-time while the Wagners served in the Netherlands has now become a full-time occupation. The Wagners are thankful for Pioneers strong affirmation that they want Michael to continue to serve and that this is a critical area of development for the organization.