Often truly admiring the finished work of someone else means reflecting on all the behind-the-scenes effort it took to accomplish what we behold.
Conversations at an art gallery: “That is a great work of art!”
Conversations at an impressive architectural feat: “Imagine all the work it took to get that done!”

Think for a moment on the work it took for Jesus to be your mediator so that you could know God. Admire it. Turn it over in your mind’s eye.

Jesus did this work willingly. He chose to enter this world and take on a human nature. He was not a robot. He made moment-by-moment choices to obey God in every way and every commandment.
Think about His willingness to submit Himself in this life order to bring you to God in this life and the one to come.

The willing obedience of Jesus is even more remarkable when you think about who He was. Jesus was God. He made the heavens and the earth. He gave the Ten Commandments.
Jesus, to whom we pray, Himself depended on prayer while on earth.
Reflect on the magnitude of that work.
Jesus, whom all the angels worshipped, Himself fulfilled all the requirements of a worshipper while on earth.
Contemplate the scale of the accomplishment.
Jesus, who was the Master of the house, Himself took up a towel and basin of water to wash our feet as a servant while on earth.
Consider the extent of that achievement.

Do you see Jesus now?
Do you see the behind-the-scenes effort it took for Him to bring you to God?
Oh, that we might see Jesus not just sweating drops of blood but understanding the horror He as about to face on our behalf.
Oh, that we might see Jesus not just on the cross but taking onto Himself the weight of every wrong we have done.
Do you see in Jesus the depths of the riches and the wisdom of the knowledge of God?

Jesus loves you. Jesus took your place. Jesus paid what you could never pay. Jesus invites you to come to Him today.