MapleRidge Church has cancelled all church activities and public services from Monday, March 16 through Saturday, March 21.

How will this decision be made week-to-week?
Decisions about future cancelations and closures will be made week-to-week by the Elder and Deacon Boards.  The church staff will be monitoring the health and safety alerts in our community and listening to our church members and attenders.  The church staff will bring a recommendation to the Elder and Deacon Boards for a vote each Thursday.  That vote will then be communicated to the entire church via email, church app, and church website.

How do I contact the church office and staff?
The building will be closed except for essential staffing.  Please contact the church by phone or email and our Executive Church Office Administrator, Heidi Swander, will be available to answer any questions you may have during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Pastor Scott and Pastor Roger are always accessible by mobile phone, text and email.  They will also initiate pastoral care contacts by phone throughout the week.  They look forward to checking in on individuals to see how they are doing and have prayer with them.

How can I stay connected with the church during this time of social isolation?
The building will be closed, but the live broadcasts will continue Sunday mornings.
We will also continue to record all broadcasts and post them on the MapleRidge Church YouTube channel.

Join our live broadcast on the MapleRidge Facebook page each Sunday morning at 9:30 am (CDT) as we continue our series in Genesis.

We will begin broadcasting Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm (CDT) our series on “Studying Romans Backwards”.  If you have not attended the class, don’t worry.  Just jump in with your Bible open and Pastor Scott will bring you up to speed.  Pastor Scott promised he would even have the big white board up and running!

Check your email for other broadcasts that may be offered during the week.
You are not alone.  We will get through this time together as we follow Jesus.  The Lord is with you and promised to never leave you.